Tim Gaudette (iamtjg)


A few weeks ago more of my friends started getting into the game ARK: Survival Evolved. We run our own private server to avoid the known downfalls (not going to go into them here) that come with playing on a public server. Naturally, we do not feel like having the server running when no one is using it but we also do not want to give everyone shell access just to be able to start and stop the server.

So I thought, "what would give the flexibility we need but not be wayyyy overkill for this?"

Enter the chatbot!

I did some digging around and settled on GitHub's Hubot. It already integrates with a number of chat platforms and is very easy to setup.

From there I wrote a simple plugin for Hubot to connect to a server and execute the most basic commands for controlling your server.

I published it to npm as hubot-remote-ark.
Note: The first couple versions don't do anything and were mostly me just playing with npm. First package I've published!

I hope to expand it to be a complete tool for managing your server but for now it does what I need it to.