Tim Gaudette (iamtjg)

NexDock and Raspberry Pi 3

My NexDock arrived yesterday and I decided to start out by hooking it up to a Raspberry Pi 3. Trouble is, the keyboard and touchpad (although I am not using GUI desktop) can only be connected over Bluetooth and the Pi (running latest version of Raspbian) is not setup to auto-connect to on boot. After doing the initial pairing I setup a simple cron task:

@reboot echo "connect MACADDRESSOFDEVICE" | bluetoothctl

It is working great so far. Mobile, battery powered Pi is a success!

At some point I hope to obtain a phone with HDMI out or USB-C to put Linux on and try out using it as my 'single device.'

Now to get some Velcro or something to stick the Pi to the back...